Lucy Naylor


#1 VIC U18 

“I love how unpredictable surfing is and the thrill you get when surfing as well as the connections you make with the locations and the people.”  

Lucy is a Jack-of-all-trades. She skis and snowboards, however, her main sport is surfing! Like many surfers, Lucy got into the sport thanks to her family and has been surfing for about 10 years and skiing and snowboarding for about 15 years! 

Lucy is a strong, smooth, free rider and her backhand is her power and loves an Aussie here and there. Her best achievement to date is winning the open state round in Phillip Island and a semi-final finish at the Open Aussies.  

Her favourite place her sport has taken her is Telo islands in Indonesia and Mammoth Mountain in America. For her summer season she is based at Point Lonsdale, VIC and Falls Creek, NSW for her winter season.  

Lucy also loves a Chai Latte and her riding playlist has 1000 random genre songs 

Lucy's favorite styles:

“The hoodies and trackies because they are super warm” 

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