Lauren Staveley


2012 Australian Athlete of the Year  

“I love riding because of the places you go and the people you meet”.  

Lauren is “always seeking adventure” and loves to pop a nice switch back 180 on a kicker – it is her favourite trick and who can blame her it is ours too!  As a kid her family used to take snow trips together and her passion grew from there.  

Lauren has always felt at home in the mountains and often visits her family farm in Merrijig, at the base of Mt Buller in Australia but the place Lauren describes as having “the most amazing mountains” is Breckenridge, Colorado. 

When she isn’t on the hill Lauren paddleboards, hangs with her toy Maltese poodle Terra, studies psychology and runs a beautiful home wares and gift shop with her Mum. What a smart cookie!  

As well as proactively supporting, working and volunteering in the mental health and wellbeing space she is passionate about corporate social responsibility ”particularly sustainability of the environment, ethical labour and animal welfare.” 

She is also a big fan of some spaghetti toast and a chai latte (Love you Lauren, never change).  

Lauren's favorite styles:

“The main street microfleece shirt is perfect for spring and winter riding”.  

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