Ashlea Dahlblom


“I love how free it makes you feel, and the adrenaline rush you get. Snowboarding in Japan would be up there with some of my best memories, snow so deep that you feel like you need a snorkel. Riding with friends on a sunny day is something I love as well, especially when you get out there with the girl gang”.  

Ash started out riding when she was 20 during her first season at Mt Buller, Australia. Although at the start she spent most of her time on her butt looking like Bambi on ice, once she picked it up she couldn’t get enough of it.  

Ash has been lucky enough to explore different resorts all over the world, but her favourite is Japan “The quality of the snow is amazing!” She has also spent some time in the US a few years back and can’t go past Heavenly Resort, Lake Tahoe where the mountains are massive, and the views are spectacular.  

Ash loves to keep active and believes that sometimes there is nothing quite like putting in your headphones and just walking. “We are lucky in Australia to have these wonderful mountains with such great wildlife all around. Her playlist ranges from Flume to Bob Marley to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and another fun fact…. she hates hot drinks!!! Crazy for someone who loves winter so much! 

Ashlea's favorite styles:

“I love all the ROJO mitts! My hands stay toasty and warm and they have the cutest little details. I’m also a massive fan of their baselayers, they are so versatile. I love wearing them on a sunny day under my bib for a pop of colour and they just look so fun!”  

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