Amber Arazny


#1 in having the most fun

On why she loves her sport: “Obviously, all the people you meet and the places you get to travel! But also having something that’s given me purpose for so much of my life. Everything has always revolved around planning the next trip, saving for anything snowboarding related, keeping fit and healthy for snowboarding. I feel lucky to have that.”

Amber’s riding has taken her all over the world and some of her favourite places she has ridden includes Iran and Kazakhstan! While in Iran Amber also filmed a documentary called “Persian Powder” which has been played at international film festivals and won best picture at the Women’s Adventure Film Festival. Oh yeah, and she did all of this plus competing internationally while undergoing her Bachelor's degree!

A fast and fun rider, Amber is proving that age is just a number (dirty thirty say what?!) as she is learning how to backflips for the first time, although she isn’t claiming it just yet so watch this space! (We think that since she has been riding for 20 years that she has this in the bag). Her favourite trick would have to be a smooth back-5 but these days Amber sticks to free riding and loves a good cliff drop!

Amber’s go to order is a small double-shot cappuccino and when she isn’t on the snow Amber spends her time surfing!

“I work with a lot of people in aged care and disability sectors, so I'm a big supporter in improving the treatment, lives and awareness for those living with a disability.”

Amber's Favorite Styles:


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